Ocala Engagement | Alex + Robert | Victoria DeMore Photography | Central Florida Wedding Photographer

We often find ourselves meeting some pretty fantastic people when we're out and about shooting horse shows. Sometimes, we luck into those amazing folks wanting more than show photos and, as they hit major milestones in their lives, they remember us. It's always an honor to capturing more memories for them. 

Alex and Robert were a couple we met as we do many people, through our horse show coverage. The first impression I remember of them was just how dedicated they are to each other, supporting each other, what a great horse show husband Robert already was. I honestly didn't even know they weren't already married. They love each other so much, so supportive and encouraging, and smiles and laughs for days. So when they actually got engaged, I was surprised they hadn't already made things "official," and honestly excited that they were reaching out to us to capture their big day! To see two so in love and so great together, dang right I want to be part of that! 

We got to know each other over the past few months and through these engagement photos. I've never had an easier time getting two people to smile, to be natural around each other. Despite the laughs over kissing so much in front of me, I certainly didn't have to twist anyone's arm to get smiles, laughs, and romantic poses out of them. You'll see just how much fun these two have and how much they radiate in these photos. Can't wait for wedding day! Off to Ohio!

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