Fulbright Sisters @ Apopka | Victoria DeMore Photography | Orlando Family Photographer

Sunrise is such a magical time! So often we shoot in the evenings, but the Fulbrights reminded us how beautiful the light can be in the morning. We met the Fulbrights through the horse shows we regularly shoot. They are such a warm, loving family with four beautiful daughters who all ride! So when the chance came to capture them with their horses, we were so excited! The day began with a gorgeous sunrise, cooler temperatures, and - something rare lately here in Central Florida - no rain! That's not to say there weren't some distractions. When you're shooting four horses, there has to be something fighting for their attention. Neighboring horses galloping along the fenceline, a hungry mini just wanting to graze, and an escapee mini mule baby. The girls were troopers as we got a variety of group shots and individual shots all around the property. We couldn't have had such as successful shoot without their parents and their trainer pulling together, keeping them spotless, trucking us around, and getting ears up. It took a small village but wow did the images reflect everyone's combined effort!