Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we've learned what some of the common concerns are when people consider their options for photos. We'll attempt to address some of the popular ones here! Have a question you don't see an answer to here? Or want more details? We're here for you! Contact us with your needs!

About Us

Why should I hire a professional photographer?

We hope that since you're here, you have kind of answered this one for yourselves. And the answer really varies from person to person. I can tell you that having professionally captured portraits is something years down the road, you will cherish, your kids will cherish, your parents will hold on to, and you will look back on and remember those times fondly. Not that you wouldn't already do that with your vacation snapshots for instance, but when you have professionally taken photos it just adds that little something extra. It gives you options of what to hang on the walls, what to put above the mantle, just the right pizzazz for your office, those extra bragging rights online. A professional will work with you to capture your personalities, so what you're seeing isn't just a moment in time, but it's YOU in that moment. 

What makes you a professional?

While neither of us went to "school" for photography, we have years of experience. I grew up with a camera in my hands and a professional photographer for a father, as were both his parents before him.  We are a business, registered in Florida, insured, and tax-paying. We take online courses from the best in the field from all over the world. We research equipment and purchase the best we can for what we shoot. And we only partner with labs  who are equally professional, personable, humble and insist on the best in their own businesses.  Our team we turn to when covering horse shows are like-minded individuals, friendly, and eager. 

What sets you apart from other photographers?

Our style. Our attitudes. Our work ethic. Us. We treat people with respect, we recognize that you are special, we take tremendous pride in our work, we work hard, stay humble and thankful, and from what we hear from people... it shows! Let's meet up if you'd like to know why we're different! We love to chat with clients and prospective clients, let's go grab some coffee or some sweets! 

Do you travel?

YES! A thousand times, yes! We love an adventure. We love visiting places we've been before and exploring new areas. On our Investment page, the prices you see are for a 50 mile radius from our North Orlando, Florida home; however, we will work with you on extra travel. Just contact us and tell us where you are and what you need done and we'll let you know what we can do! Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram account and blog because sometimes we plan road trips and are happy to book sessions along the way. We do make regular visits to the Wellington, St. Augustine, Savannah, and Aiken areas... just to name a few!


Do you offer black background sessions?

YES! We do! Check out some examples here and then the investment page for our Equine Portraiture sessions. Let's plan a barn day and we'll work on some discounts if you get a couple barn friends together to all get your horses done.

How do we book a session?

Contact us! In order to book your date, we do require a retainer (amount depends on the type of session) and a signed contract. The remaining amount will then be due by the time of your session. We suggest booking your sessions 1-4 months in advance for choice dates and times. If you are planning a wedding or special event, we suggest booking 6 months to 1 year in advance - many weddings are on weekends which we are often shooting horse shows, so by booking us early you may catch us before we are contracted for a horse show during your date.

What should we wear?

Totally depends on the kind of session you're booking... obviously. We always tell people to wear what makes you feel comfortable and good about yourself. Something that reflects your personality. If you're doing a family session, coordinating outfits can be fun, but not necessary for great photos. Match if you like, or go for complimentary colors and patterns! Depending on your session, we may have time and the ability to change outfits if you would like different looks. We'll work together on this! 

Does the fee just cover the session?

Nope, nope, nope! We have transitioned to shoot-and-share photographers. That means, every session we offer includes your edited high-resolution images. You can conveniently download them directly from your private gallery. We still offer professional prints and products - only the finest quality, something you can't get from your box store photo labs - but, you have possession of your photos to print wherever you like and as large as you like. They're yours! Some kinds of sessions we also offer collections you can purchase as add-ons to your session. These collections include a variety of prints, wall art, albums, and other products. When purchased as a collection with your session, you enjoy a discount compared to purchasing these items a la carte.

We saw this great shot by (so-and-so) and we want you to do one just like it. Can you?

Can I? Maybe. Probably. We will definitely use the things you like as inspiration. However, if you are booking us, you have seen our work and like what you see. Trust us with your posing and the style of editing. Photographers are artists and what works for one photographer might not work for the way another likes to shoot. Send your ideas our way and we will find a way to create something you will love that stays true to our style and feel of our work!

Horse Show Related

How long will it take to receive our photos? How many photos will we receive? 

We know you're super excited! And we are excited to share them with you! While you wait, we do post sneak peek photos to our Facebook page, Instagram account, and blog. We go through the photos we take during your session, remove duplicates, blinks, winks, and yawns, any awkward poses (sometimes they do happen even for us!), and save the best for editing and delivering to you. A wide range of factors impact the number of photos make the cut. Anything that doesn't meet our standards is deleted, we do not share those. We deliver approximately 12-24 finished images for a regular session (which lasts up to an hour). Weddings and special events range as well, but typically we deliver approximately 35-40 finished images per hour of coverage. It can take up to 2 weeks for a regular session to be finished and delivered and 4-6 weeks for weddings and special events. During busy seasons, the turn-around time may be a little longer, but we communicate that with you at the time of booking. What's awesome though is in the meantime, you're welcome to share your sneak-peeks and as soon as your gallery is ready, you can download them immediately. No waiting for a disc to arrive or having to pick out which photos you want. They're yours to download and have right away! Easy peasy!

Where do we find our horse show photos?

You'll find horse show galleries for the shows we are the official photographers for on our proofing site - you can also click the YOUR PHOTOS link in the menu for our website. If you're not sure if we covered your show, you can always check our calendar.

Horse show galleries are online for 6 month then they are archived. Sadly, do to the high volume of photos and the limitations of any proofing site, as well as our efforts to keep prices low, we cannot keep show photos online indefinitely. However, we do keep archives going back several years. If you're interested in show photos that have been removed to the archives, we do charge a $5 per horse per show archive retrieval fee. That fee will be returned in the form of a code to use at checkout when you purchase your photos. It is non-refundable. We will pull your requested photos and put them into a private gallery for you that is available for you to view and order from for 1 month after which time the photos return to the archive. If we have to pull them again, it will again be subject to the non-refundable archive retrieval fee. 

Can we screenshot our horse show photos? I want to share with a friend.

No. Please don't. The intro page into your horse show gallery explains it is illegal. So does the watermark. We have many purchasing options for horse show photos - fit for ALL budgets. At horse shows, our expenses are high and we only are paid when people purchase their photos. We can't continue to shoot your shows if our work is disrespected. If we see that you have shared a screenshot from your horse show gallery, we will first request that you remove it. If you don't, we will take your show photos offline and send you a bill for the usage. Parents, please make sure your children understand the implications of taking their horse show proofs. It does constitute theft. There are buttons on your gallery that allow you to share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also share the link to the gallery with your friends and family, just copy and paste that URL into an e-mail or your social media platform of your choice and share! You can purchase a low-resolution digital image that is the perfect size for online sharing, can print to 4x6, no huge watermark (just our signature in the corner out of the way), and fully edited, for just $20! Ask your parents nicely and wait until you get the photo emailed to you before posting. You'll have a MUCH nicer photo than the watermarked proof - something sure to get you plenty of likes and followers on Instagram ;-)

My horse show has an official photographer. I'm advertising that I will be at the show taking pictures and selling them. Is that okay? What does it mean to be an official show photographer?

Official photographers are contracted by show management to be the providers of commercial photographic coverage of the horse show. We are ringside all day long, from start to finish, in all kinds of weather, to capture your show memories! When we are your official photographers, we try to have all rings covered. Sometimes that's not possible, but we will communicate updates via our Facebook page before and during every show. If a show has an official photographer, others (typically) may not solicit photography business or shoot commercially at that show. Horse shows often require insurance and vendor fees. If you are there, shooting, handing out business cards, and offering your services - you are technically a vendor. If you didn't get horse show management permission to do so, you can be kicked out. Do yourself a favor and contact show management before you start advertising. If you're a hobbyist and just practicing, there's nothing wrong with that. It's when people come in and start handing out cards, putting up flyers, and not checking in at the show office that causes problems.  

Same question as above, but I'm not selling them - I give them to my friends. Is that okay?

This is a huge grey area. As a professional courtesy, we would love if people would come and let us know who they are shooting and to stick to shooting those who ride with them at their barn. In today's world of social media it sure seems like everyone is "friends" with everyone. And while we personally can not stop you from giving photos to your "friends" we just ask that you don't go crazy and respect the job we are tasked to do at the show and our livelihood. If your friends send you photos, please still take a look at ours. If it's another show with another official show photographer, air on the side of caution and ASK first and go introduce yourself. It can't hurt. If the photographer is rude to you, don't just put them on blast on social media, go speak to show management if you were treated poorly. We try to be fair to everyone, and we love to see people want to learn the art we are passionate about, but please don't solicit while you're shooting your friends. Thank you!

Are you looking for extra shooters for horse shows?

Send us your info and some samples of your work! We like to keep an open list. Horse shows are not regular work nor an ordinary job. If you are 18 years of age or older with reliable transportation and local to the shows we shoot with some photography experience (bonus points if you have equestrian experience as well). You MUST possess a great work ethic, be a good listener who can follow instructions, polite, clean, and physically able to stand for long days and be outside in all sorts of weather and heat. 

How do I know what shows you're going to be at?

Check our CALENDAR page. You'll see our upcoming shows we are official photographers at.

Where is your pricing for show photos?

When viewing a horse show gallery, simply click the INFO tab then click PRICING. Or, when viewing a photo, click the BUY PHOTO button or the shopping cart icon - this will open the menu with all the prices of the wide variety of products available for purchase. If the horse show has been within the last 10 days, the gallery will be in EARLY BIRD PRICING mode - prices are as shown and what you see is 20% lower prices. Order by the deadline listed in the INFO tab for that particular gallery and enjoy those prices. After the deadline, they go back up. 

I want to order a digital image but I don't want to pay shipping. I thought they are emailed?

They are! When you go to the checkout, your grand total will be displayed. If you cart only contains digital images, you'll notice shipping has not been added.

Can I pickup my order rather than have you ship it?

Currently, we only offer pickup at upcoming horse shows. If you'd prefer to pick up your order, please make sure you place your order a week before the start of the show you want to pick it up at. Select PICK UP from the shipping options when checking out and include in your order notes what show you'll be picking it up at or contact us. If we don't see a show listed or if your order doesn't give us enough time to process your order, we will contact you. 

What is the difference between high-resolution and low-resolution digital images? What can I do with a digital image?

High-resolution are very large files at the highest quality. If you want to have an image you can print to any size you want, you'll need a high-resolution file. Also, if you plan on doing any advertising or need to send the image to a magazine, newspaper, or graphic designing service to design ads for you, you will need the high-resolution image. They are 300dpi with very high-resolution. For us, we don't restrict you on the size, you get the size that comes out of our professional cameras. Plus, we do not put our name on them - we prefer you to have a CLEAN image for your printing needs.

Low-resolution are smaller files, good quality, and perfect for sharing photos online. They will print up to 4x6 inches in size in good quality. Also, they do have our name on them either on a jump rail or in a corner depending on the image. You will not be able to print larger than a 4x6 and retain quality and any publication will want a higher resolution image for printing. 

Both options come with a print release. Every photographer is different - so what we release you to do with your images is not the same as another show photographer. We don't like to be restrictive. You're welcome to use your photos as you purchased them to advertise a sale horse, stallion, your lesson or training program, your barn, business, etc. so long as its yours that you're using the image for. This would often be classified as commercial use by many photographers. It is, but we know why many of you buy show photos - it's for the memories and often you need to be able to sell your horse. We appreciate your business and are honored if you choose one of our photos to market your lovely horses.

However, if you need to send photos to a publication for an article, we require that you go through us, whether purchased or not. We've worked with a variety of publications over the year and we do it this way so that we can ensure they have the right format for the photo so it looks its very best, so they have the proper release, and so we ensure the proper photo credit is given. If we send the photo directly to the publication on your behalf, we don't even require that you purchase the image - it goes directly to the publication from us for their sole use for their article. You only need purchase if you would like the image yourself for your own use or if you're creating an advertisement.

What sort of discounts are there for digital images?

All individually purchased digital images enjoy the Buy One Get the Rest 50% Off discount - just pay for one image and get the rest of equal or lesser value 50% off if purchased in a single transaction. This applies to high- and low-resolution images. Low-resolution images are available in a CD option - up to 25 low-resolution digital images on a CD for one low price. If you select pick-up in the shipping options, we will email them to you rather than burn them on a CD and mail. High-resolution digital images are ONLY available as individual purchases. Just like all horse show prints and products, if you order within 10 days of the show (deadline can always be found on the INFO tab in each gallery), the prices shown are 20% lower while the gallery is in Early Bird Pricing. 

Equipment & Learning

What equipment do you shoot with?

Ourselves and (most) of our team shoot with professional Canon camera equipment. We have a wide variety of camera bodies and lenses as well as lighting equipment.  Depending on the situation, whether we are at a horse show, a wedding, or a private shoot, different equipment is used for different reasons. If you're interested in learning more about gear, please feel free to message us

Do you ever have workshops or do you do any mentoring? Can I shadow you at a horse show?

We are all about learning and we certainly have things we can share with budding new photographers interested in the kind of work we do! Due to our schedule, we can only take a limited number of students at any given time. No age requirement, but you will need your own gear. Doesn't need to be fancy, just a DSLR and a lens. If you're interested in mentoring or lessons, please contact us for rates.